Uncategorized March 2, 2024

Current Obsessions: Inching Towards Spring

Of note this first weekend of March: chic rain gutters, Americans in Paris, and a flower workshop—plus something new coming tomorrow to Remodelista and Gardenista. Read on…
Above: Palette inspiration for the transition from winter into spring? Photograph by French + Tye, courtesy of The Modern House, from A Pair of Artists’ Humble Bungalow Gets a Japandi Makeover.

* Attention, UK readers: Anyone for a wax flower workshop? (“If I was in London, I’d definitely go to this,” says Alexa.)

* “There is something about the last few weeks before the vernal equinox—a deep, twitching desire to tend, and to grow,” writes Gardenista contributor Marie Viljoen. Scratch the springtime itch with easy-to-grow microgreens (and a recipe to put them to use).

* “While researching a story about chic rain gutters, I came across this great Instagram account called @sexygutters,” reports Fan. “I find it strangely compelling.”

* Opening March 2 at NYU’s newly renamed, relocated Grey Art Museum: “Americans in Paris: Artists Working in Postwar France.

* Stripes for the bath, via Piglet in Bed.

* And Salter House is having a sale.

* Back from a recent jaunt to Dublin, Annie’s favorite stops included Scout, Danish import Søstrene Grene, and Industry & Co. (where she spotted a copy of The Low-Impact Home on display).

* “Get your garden out of shapewear.”

* Plus! We’re launching something new this weekend. Watch this space on Sunday, March 3, for a peek. | BidBuddy.com